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New York City Rental Assistance Fund Application Addendum A: Application Submission Form Bronx / Submission Date: Applicant Name: Referring Agency: / Month / Day / / Year HAF Office Submitted to:
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if you're looking for affordable housing in New York City one option is the affordable housing lottery it's managed by the city's Department of Housing preservation and development HPD and the Housing Development Corporation HDC the first step is to visit the housing connect website to view the list of rental developments that are currently accepting applications click on one to see the advertisement most advertisements are also found in local newspapers if the development catches your eye pay close attention to two things number one do you qualify the ad with apartment sizes the number of people allowed in the household and very importantly the income limit not all developments have the same options so check before you apply number 2 the deadline date you can apply online or submit a paper application any time until then but not after to apply online set up a profile and housing connect it will ask for information on all members of your household these are the people you will live with if you receive an affordable unit if anyone has a mobility hearing or vision disability and needs an accessible or adaptable apartment be sure to check that box once your profile is complete click apply next to a development you can apply to more than one lottery at a time be sure to keep your profile up to date every time you sign into housing Connect that becomes your application when you hit apply if you prefer to fill out a paper application open the advertisements for instructions on how remember whether you apply online or on paper your chances of being selected in the lottery are the same do not try to submit a paper and online application to the same lottery you may be disqualified if you do after the deadline all of the applications paper and online go into one computer system the system automatically gives a random number to each application this is your log number apartment set aside for people with disabilities our least first then preferences listed in the ad our least followed by the general pool of applicants lotteries received a lot of applications it usually takes 2 to 10 months after the deadline before your application is processed you may hear back sooner if you receive a low log number or if you meet one or more of the Preferences if you have a high log number you might not hear back at all if your log number is reached and the information in your application meets the criteria for an available apartment the developer will contact you to set up an appointment to confirm your eligibility this appointment is very important you'll be given a list of documents to bring with you I'd be pay stubs and other documentation for each member of your household anyone 18 and over listed in the application needs to attempt if your log number is reached and your application information does not need the criteria the developer will send you a letter explaining why if you receive this letter you can appeal to the developer in writing within...